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It's time to take action

We help you join the thousands of Australians who live all-electric.

We make modern home electrification easy by helping you to ditch gas, save money, and claim more energy independence.Why? Because gas is a fossil fuel, is unhealthy, and unsustainable.How? We take care of everything, on time and on budget.

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Why Electrify?

Save money

Ditching gas has double money benefits. Firstly, electric appliances are far more efficient and thus cheaper to run. Secondly, when you disconnect from the gas grid you'll save hundreds in fixed supply charges alone.

Improve air quality

Cooking with gas is responsible for up to 12% of the childgood astma cases in Australia. Children living with gas cooking face a similar risk of developing asthma as a child living with household cigarette smoke.

Regain control

Millions of Australians have taken control of their electricity costs by installing solar power, slashing costs by hundreds or even thousands every year. Let's take that one step further, and remove our dependency from gas. Take control of your energy future and electrify your home.

The first step

1. Get started

Register your details on our website, and we’ll send you a short questionnaire to gather essential information about your home, electrification objectives, and budget.

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In-home assessment

2. Energy consultation

An energy audit expert will contact you to schedule a site visit to access your home and understand your electrification preferences fully.

The action pack

3. Plan, shopping list and subsidies

You will receive a personalised electrification plan outlining all aspects of your project, along with a shopping list of recommended products and contractor partners in your area.We review all Electrify My Home contractor partners to ensure you receive the highest product quality and installation standards. Our contractor partners include electricians, plumbers, and solar installers.There’s also a wide range of subsidies and incentives available for energy upgrades across Australia. Your plan will include a comprehensive list of what’s available in your region.

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Get it done

4. Select a contractor and installation

Your home electrification project begins! Your new electric products get installed along with all the other actions listed in your approved personalised plan.We manage your selected contractors via a shared calendar to give you complete visibility of the project and avoid surprises.

Quality control

5. Quality check and sign-off

If an Electrify My Home contractor partner completes the installation work, we will conduct a final quality check to ensure everything is working perfectly.

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It doesn't stop here

6. Support and more energy savings

Following installation and once you’ve completed an energy billing cycle to identify your new baseline for electricity usage, we’ll help you identify a better energy deal to help you save even more.Plus, if you have questions or need support at any stage of your journey, our team is here help you.

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Join the waiting list

Submit your details below to join our waiting list, and we’ll be in touch later this year to offer you access to our end-to-end home electrification solution.

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